Electronic asset development

Electronic asset development (EAD) is the strategy for development of Gazprom Neft’s IT projects in the upstream segment that covers all the major functions, such as geological exploration, geology, drilling, production and facilities construction. This program was initiated in 2012 and later integrated into Gazprom Neft’s Technological Strategy in 2014 as one of its focus areas. This year, the strategy was updated in accordance with new operational and business targets of Gazprom Neft subsidiaries. As of today, EAD program includes over 30 active projects.

Electronic asset development

Existing IT systems of Gazprom Neft’s subsidiary companies have been used as a platform for the EAD. Study of IT systems with regards of their prospects and potential allowed determining possible areas of future development, as wells as reveal the most problematic areas.

Estimates shows that EAD deployment will help increase oil production as a result of optimization algorithm implementation, reduce energy consumption by 12%, increase downhole equipment run life by 15%, and reduce the cost of well drilling operations.

STC specialists are currently working on the „Integrated engineering” projectб which is part of EAD program. This is a major technological project that changes the approach of assessment and analysis of field development projects. As a part of the projectб STC experts are developing tools that will help estimate potential field development cost at the early project stage with due account of geology, expected facilities construction and probable risks at the early stage of engineering.

In 2014, Gazprom Neft completed testing of its proprietary IT solution — Geomate system. It analyzes and accumulates geological data from all fields. This application performs around 80% of all geological and geophysical data analysis operations, covering seismic data, maps, well logging results, core test results, etc. Access to the unified IT system enables prompt review of all the available parameters required for building field models, identify and detail prospective zones and formations. Nowadays, STC is working on expanding the functionality of Geomate system.

In 2013, Gazprom Neft started developing its own IT system for oil production monitoring that includes „Grid” information system and „Mechanical equipment” module. The purpose of this IT system is automation of data acquisition and analysis of operational parameters, as well as planning and decision making in order to improve production efficiency.