About Technological strategy

The rate of technological growth of Gazprom Neft made it one of the leaders in the industry. The share of hi-tech wells out of the total number of wells drilled by Gazprom Neft in 2015 is 40%, which is the best score in Russia.

At the end of 2014, various projects of Gazprom Neft aimed at improvement of oil and gas fields development were consolidated in a single conceptual document called Technological Strategy.

All technological challenges which face Gazprom Neft have been grouped into 9 priority directions, and each direction has specific projects with respective implementation deadlines and deliverables.

Hasanov_small.png Первое интервью Марса Хасанова

March, 2017, «Sibirskaya Neft»

2016_09_14_IMH_2961_1.jpg Первое интервью Марса Хасанова

January-February, 2015, «Sibirskaya Neft»

Technological strategy priorities