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Gazprom Neft is fully committed to constantly improving safety at its facilities and reducing accident, industrial injury, and occupational disease rates.

In 2015, the Company launched a project to improve its occupational safety culture. The Gazprom Neft Management Board set out a corporate strategy for the development of Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), Occupational Safety (OS) and Civil Defense (CD) for the next several years, its priorities and the key objective in industrial safety and environmental protection:

Goal — Zero: Zero Harmful Impact on People, Assets and the Environment during operations

This vision is based on the belief that each accident or injury can be prevented. A safety culture at Gazprom Neft is based on personal responsibility of each employee and the involvement of all Company employees and contractors in the process of improving safety levels. This priority is reflected in the Company’s corporate slogan — “Safety Begins with You”.

Protecting people’s lives and health is our number one value and it is our belief that good results cannot be justified if they are achieved through violation of safety rules or run counter to the principles of environmental protection. Building an effective workplace safety system is the top priority for Gazprom Neft. The agents of change at any company are its leaders. Gazprom Neft’s senior executives have undertaken personal commitments to strictly observe workplace safety rules. I am confident that their example will provide a strong incentive for our employees and contractors to reconfigure business processes leading to positive changes in production culture and attitudes towards occupational safety and health.

Alexander Dyukov
Chairman of the Management Board Gazprom Neft

Each unit of the Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre is guided by the industrial and environmental safety principles adopted by the company. These principles are the basis for all our field development and infrastructure facilities construction projects. Thus, at the very beginning of the project engineering stage we provide solutions intended to improve industrial safety and minimize environmental impact. We want our facilities to be as safe for people and the nature as possible. When studying new technologies, we also review them in terms of industrial and environmental safety and require the same from our partners that we start cooperating with.

Mars Khasanov,
Gazprom Neft Director for Technologies,
General Director of the Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre

In its HSE, OS and CD activities Gazprom Neft is guided by the requirements of Russian legislation as well as international and corporate standards. The underlying corporate document defining the Company’s operating principles and commitments is the Industrial, Fire, Transport, Environmental Safety, Occupational Safety and Civil Defense Policy. The Policy applies to all Gazprom Neft subsidiaries and outlines uniform strategic goals, obligations and responsibilities in HSE, OS and CD.

About Corporate Industrial Safety Policy

The Company is continuously developing its employee training programme in industrial, environmental and occupational safety. Contractors are also involved in the Company’s training program. Their managers and specialists undergo cascade training in environmental safety in the following areas:

  • compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation at production facilities;
  • handling of production and consumption wastes at the Company’s facilities;
  • requirements of corporate documentation related to environmental protection.

Contractors’ compliance with the corporate HSE standards is one of the basic selection criteria applied to potential contractors in the competitive bidding process.

Gazprom Neft has developed and introduced a program called “Steps” aimed at ensuring that contractors comply with the corporate safety rules. In 2016, Gazprom Neft plans to introduce a contractor HSE rating system and a corporate database of potential contractors.