Gazprom Neft is focused on responsibly developing its natural environment management strategy as the Company expands its activities. The Company has an efficient environmental management system and rigorously adopts global best practices in engineering solutions, technology and management.

Preserving the natural environment and using natural resources responsibly are top priorities for Gazprom Neft and all of the Company’s subsidiaries. An integrated environmental management system ensures that all of the Company’ subsidiaries comply with these principles across their operations.

Gazprom Neft consistently assesses its operations for potential environmental risk and introduces preventative measures that ensure environmental safety. The Company recognizes its responsibility to conserve the natural environment and its environmental protection strategy is aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • Improving the efficiency of the environmental management system;
  • reducing environmental impact statistics per unit of production;
  • developing a culture of environmental preservation in all company and contractor activities;
  • preserving biodiversity;
  • ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources;
  • implementing research activities to find new approaches and technology aimed at nature conservation.

The Company ensures that subsidiary managers and specialists whose activities may have an impact on the environment are put through annual training.

Each unit of the Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre is guided by the industrial and environmental safety principles adopted by the company. These principles are the basis for all our field development and infrastructure facilities construction projects. Thus, at the very beginning of the project engineering stage we provide solutions intended to improve industrial safety and minimize environmental impact. We want our facilities to be as safe for people and the nature as possible. When studying new technologies, we also review them in terms of industrial and environmental safety and require the same from our partners that we start cooperating with.

Mars Khasanov,
Gazprom Neft Director for Technologies,
General Director of the Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre

Compliance with international standards

The company’s environmental management system, fully compliant with international ISO 14001 standards, has been in operation throughout the Gazprom Neft Group of Companies since 2014, and is reviewed annually by an independent audit organisation. The company’s compliance with ISO 14001:2015 standards was again confirmed in 2016.

Following further improvements to its environmental management system, Gazprom Neft has increasingly been moving away from correcting and offsetting environmental impacts towards a system of ongoing environmental risk management and the implementation of initiatives to mitigate any environmental impacts arising from its operations.

Pursuant to the requirements of standard ISO 14001:2015, key performance indicators (KPIs) measuring the company’s performance in environmental management were put in place in 2016.

Environmental safety policy and standards

Environmental and workplace safety is front of mind across all of Gazprom Neft’s ongoing operations, with all commercial activities — and those of its subsidiaries — fully tested against Russian legislation, international best practice, and the company’s own corporate standards. Gazprom Neft’s policy on industrial safety and fire prevention, as well as transport, environmental, workplace and public safety is implemented stringently throughout all subsidiaries, guaranteeing uniformity in fulfilling the company’s strategic objectives, corporate obligations, and responsibilities. The standards the company demands in ensuring no harm arises to individuals, the environment or property are binding on all contractors and their operations.

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