Drilling Support Center

Drilling Support Center (DSC) is a subdivision of Gazpromneft STC that is in charge of round the clock monitoring, control and remote engineering support of construction of the most complex or unique wells at all of the company’s oil fields. Some 40% of all wells that Gazprom Neft drilled in 2015 are classified as high-tech wells and were built under the supervision of DSC experts.

Drilling Operations Support Center

DSC monitors compliance of actual drilling data with construction documentation requirements. When borehole information acquired in real time shows that the design must be revised to increase well efficiency, DSC team that includes experts in a variety of disciplines promptly decides whether or not to make the change. DSC works hard to maintain a high drilling tempo and secure maximum drilling efficiency.

DSC expert team has common objectives expressed by unified key performance indicators, i.e. well construction duration and productivity index. DSC employees provide support during construction of high-tech wells both at oil fields in the regions of Gazprom Neft’s traditional presence and at the company’s new assets, which include projects in Yamal and Eastern Siberia, as well as in the projects intended to develop non-conventional reserves in Bazhenov-Abalak formations.

DSC team includes experts in various disciplines, including well drilling, geology, oilfield engineering and geomechanics. They all take part in well engineering activities, discussing potential risks and necessary preventive actions, and as soon as drilling begins, they provide round the clock remote engineering support of well construction, using a targeted approach to addressing the issues that may arise during drilling.